Disinfection of Potable Water System:

Disinfection is a process where a significant percentage of pathogenic organisms are killed or controlled. As an individual pathogenic organism can be difficult to detect in a large volume of water the most common indicator organism used in the evaluation of potable water is total coliform (TC) and E-coli (EC). Disinfection can be attained by means of physical or chemical disinfectant. The agents also remove organic contaminants from water, which serve as nutrients or shelters from micro-organisms. Disinfectants they remain active in the water disinfection.
According to American Water Works Association (AWWA) describe essential procedure of new and repaired potable water mains. New water mains shall be disinfected before they are placed in services. Water mains taken out of services for inspection, repair or other activities may or may not require disinfection and sampling, depending on the risk of contamination.

Chilled Water Flushing & Chemical Treatment:

Chilled water or cooling water system is mostly a closed system that requires strict monitoring and control of certain parameters. Water during circulation evaporates and it increases the suspended particle concentration, which in result creates scale formation and corrosion etc. Therefore the chemical treatment of any water system is very much necessary on regular basis. Otherwise whole system can be damaged or chocked due to contaminations. Before doing the chemical treatment of any water piping system the flushing is must. Flushing removes any solid particles or debris so that cooling water system remains clean. BSRIA Standard describes the flushing velocity and pre-commission cleaning of pip work systems. The system is sealed (closed), sometimes under pressure, and is not open to the atmosphere. Less evaporation takes place and, with good operation, water is lost only minimally from the system. In general, water treatment for closed systems is much easier than for open systems. Makeup water is needed only to replace seal leakage and other incidental leakage. Because of the small makeup water requirements of these systems, they require little chemical treatment, which can be added intermittently as needed. Once properly treated, the system water does not form scale and has little or no corrosion potential.

Chemical Dosing System:

Chemical dosing is a process that control microorganism’s growth and maintain system parameters to condition the system.
Automatic Chemical dosing pot (Closed System & Potable Water System)
Manual Chemical Dosing Pot.

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